Recycled Pallet Wood Products

We use only Heat Treated (HT) pallet wood, which contains no chemicals and is safe for indoor use. Most of our pallet wood was only used one time which means it is quite clean compared to some of the older heavily used pallets.


It is hard to find a pallet in New York that is not Heat Treated (HT). Chemically treated pallets have been banned in most parts of the World these days and they are getting hard to find. We do not pick up or bring back any chemically treated pallet wood.

Our sources of pallet wood include the local small engine shop and local businesses. The engine and small equipment crates are made for a single use and most of the wood is still clean. Since the equipment is shipped with no fluids the wood never comes in contact with any chemicals.

Being located in New York we have the advantage of having some of the World's largest shipping ports nearby. This means that the area gets flooded with pallets. There are so many pallets in New York that the deposit or recycle value of a pallet is only about a dollar each. If you want to buy clean pallets you can get them for about two dollars each. It is for this reason that many companies do not want to deal with them. Pallets get burned, broken up and dumped in the landfill, or given away for free.

Pallets are made of the wood that is rejected in the lumber mill. This wood had some flaws that caused it to be rejected and sold cheaply to pallet companies. The pallet companies use this wood to build their pallets at a low cost. But most pallet wood is quite beautiful because of the flaws in the wood.

When you plane and sand pallet wood, you expose its inner beauty and wood grain. The very flaws that made it a reject give it a unique beauty. No two pieces of pallet wood are alike because of this. Much pallet wood is made using some sort of hard wood.

The pallet wood crates that we pick up are a mixtue of hard and soft woods. You never know what will be available next. By picking up these crates and scrap lumber we are helping local businesses as well as keeping wood out of the landfill. Generally most of these single use pallets are disposed of in a dumpster and then carted off to a landfill. Some are burnt in wood stoves for home heating. We bring these pallets and crates back to the off grid homestead and put every single piece to good use.

Most of our chicken coops are built using pallet wood and crates. The entire kitchen and bathroom of our tiny house on wheels are made out of pallet wood and small equipment crates.

The siding on our off grid tiny home is being made using pallet wood in a shake style pattern. If you think about it, pallet wood has thousands of uses.

We recycle all parts of the pallet. Every single piece finds some use on the off grid homestead. If the piece is not good for building materials or for Recycled Pallet Products then it gets cut up and burned in the tiny house wood stove and provides heat to keep us warm in the winter. Soon we will be building a wood gassifier to run a generator on the homestead which will power our heavy wood working tools. LIttle scraps of pallet wood will be burnt to release wood gas which will power the generator. This will reduce our reliance on the system even more.

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Recycled Pallet Wood

We use only Heat Treated (HT) pallet wood, which contains no chemicals and is safe for indoor use. Most of our pallet wood was...

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