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Narrow Single Pallet Wood Tea Light

Narrow Single Pallet Wood Tea Light


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Product Details

This is a single narrow tea light holder made out of recycled pallet wood. The dish and decor surrounding the pallet wood tealight holder is for display only and is not included in the purchase. This gives you an idea how to decorate and set up your tealight holders at home.

You can choose between raw unfinished wood, varnished finish or stained and varnished finish when purchasing your tealight holder set.

Product Measurements: 2.5 inches long by about 2.5 inches wide and about 1.5 inches high. These measurements can vary a little bit from piece to piece due to the rough nature of pallet wood.

The pallet that these tealight holders came from was made out of soft wood and may be pine. The type of wood may vary between individual products. Each and every recycled pallet wood tealight holder is unique and different from any other due to the nature of natural wood. Pallet wood has many flaws which give it a rustic appearance. There may be nail holes, cracks, saw marks, rust stains, wood grain patterns or other special markings.

Each recycled pallet wood tealight holder is cut from a pallet board. First we take an entire pallet and separate the boards from the runners. This particular series of tealight holders came from one time use shipping crates. Next we cut the tealight holder blanks to size.

Every pallet wood tealight holder is carefully sanded to bring out its individual beauty, wood grain and color. The corners are gently rounded off to prevent any sharp edges or slivers.

Then the tealight holder goes to the drill press where a cavity is made to hold a tealight candle.

Next the recycled pallet wood tealight holder gets its design (if one is chosen) wood burnt into its surface. This is done by hand using solar power at our off grid workshop.

Finally the pallet wood tealight holder gets its finish coating. The finish brings out the wood grain, colors and patterns even more vibrantly. This also seals and protects the wood surface from scratches, dirt and stains.

The tealight holder shown in the image above are a close representation of what you will receive. Again, since each piece is hand made and no two pieces of wood are alike, we cannot guaranty that your tealight holder will be exactly like the one shown in the photo although it will be as close as possible. Please be aware of this before placing your order.

Please allow between 3 to 5 business days for processing of your order. We generally have each item in stock but based on the quantity of your order and any special requests, it may take some time for processing and curing of the final product before shipping.

You will receive an email within one business day of placing your order containing processing time and shipping details.

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