About Recycled Pallet Products

Recycled Pallet Products began as an idea on our homestead. We had a lot of pallet wood scraps and barn wood on hand. Most of these were too small or broken up so they could not be used on the homestead for anything. A couple years ago I started to look around at all these pallet wood scraps and thought about ways to recycle them into something useful.


I started to browse the internet for ideas. I got a couple books on pallet wood projects and crafting. And I started to look around in the coffee shops and businesses in the area. New Yorkers are especially interested in pallet wood products these days. It seems like the trend for home owners and businesses to have some sort of pallet wood products.

I saw pallet wood counter tops and fronts. I saw pallet wood tables, benches and chairs. And I saw pallet wood wall hangings and picture frames. Many of these things are also commonly made using rustic recycled barn wood.

While visiting hobby shops and furniture stores I would always browse the rustic sections looking for ideas. Many of these stores have some sort of rustic wood products in them.

It seems that pallet wood and recycled lumber products are becoming more popular all the time.

A while back I was given the opportunity to take a water damaged camper for free. It had been used as a church for many years but was damaged in a light accident which left the roof exposed to the elements. The water caused some mold and damage to the interior of the camper which rendered it useless for the church. I got the camper and had plans to turn it into an off grid wood shop. This was perfect for me since it had nothing inside but the empty walls and three good lights on the ceiling. It also had many power outlets along the walls. This old camper is now my off grid wood shop on wheels.

Now, lets go way back in time for a minute. I always loved working with wood. In High School I took wood shop and learned how to use most wood working tools and equipment. Through the years I have shopped around at garage sales, flea markets and online to collect a fine assortment of wood working tools.

Now in the present time I have my off grid wood shop on wheels. I recently got married to my beautiful and talented wife Melanie. In her last job she worked with wood on the side as well. She was making all sorts of gift items and wood products.

Together we make a pretty good team working with recycled pallet wood and reclaimed lumber.

We live off the grid and are striving to become self sufficient by using our land and resources. Our off grid tiny house on wheels is powered by the sun. Our water comes from rain falling from the sky.

There are no power lines or utilities on our land other than an internet connection so that we can work on websites and YouTube videos. But even our modem is powered by solar power. Our wood burning projects are powered by the sun. If we need to use heavy equipment that our off grid solar power system cannot handle then we briefly fire up a generator. Eventually the generator will be run on wood gas, which is a natural by product of burning wood scraps. This will be yet another way to recycle pallet wood and barn wood scraps into something useful.

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Recycled Pallet Products began as an idea on our homestead. We had a lot of pallet wood scraps and barn wood on hand...

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